Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Pregnancy and back pain: Dr. Grace Walker discusses how Physical Therapy can help.

According to Grace Walker, physical and occupational therapist, pregnancy and lower back pain often go hand in hand. Due to the increase in pregnancies in women over the age of 35, it has become more difficult for women to stay physically active in their day to day lives. This decreased activity combined with a sedentary lifestyle, as well as many other factors, often make pregnancy a guarantee of back pain.

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At Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center, our team of expert, hands-on physical therapists will help you develop a personalized solution for your pregnancy back pain, and get you on track for a back pain free pregnancy term.

-DO pull your belly into your spine and breathe.
-DON’T bend at the waist, squat instead.
-DON’T twist while holding something in your arms.
-DON’T sleep on your back.

Physical Therapy helps relieve lower back pain during pregnancy through strengthening exercises to help support back and legs and stretching exercises for muscle flexibility to help with a smoother delivery. We also offer new, innovative Kinesiotaping methods to provide stabilization to venerable muscle groups! Check with your doctor to see if you can benefit from these and more.

Success Story:  “I have had back spasms due to pregnancy.  The relief I have received has been fantastic.  The staff at Walker Physical Therapy is such a fantastic team!  I feel that they have really listened to my problem, have been very thorough in evaluating the source of the problem, and came up with an effective remedy.  I have experienced great relief. The team members have been very courteous and attentive.  This is my third experience with physical therapy and by far Walker Physical Therapy has been the best!  I would highly recommend this practice to anyone I come across needing physical therapy.”       
  ~J. Murrie

Call our office at (714) 997-5518 if you would like to discuss our program in detail.

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