Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Grace Walker, Caring Physical & Occupational Therapist's Success Story From a Raving Fan: Back Pain Relief in Pregnancy

Dr. Grace Walker and Husband at Chihuly Gardens in Seattle, WA

Dr. Grace Walker, physical & occupational therapist and nutritionist says that reasons for back pain can vary, but can usually be accounted for by one of the following:

  • An increase in hormones
  • A change of the body’s center of gravity
  • Gaining additional weight
  • A decline in posture
  • Added stress

Grace Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center has the solution!

Success Story: “I have had back spasms due to pregnancy. The relief I have received has been
fantastic. The staff at Walker Physical Therapy& Pain Center is such a fantastic team! I feel that they have really listened to my problem, have been very thorough in evaluating the source of the problem, and came up with an effective remedy. I have experienced great relief. The team members have been
very courteous and attentive. This is my third experience with physical therapy and by far Walker
Physical Therapy & Pain Center has been the best! I would highly recommend this practice to anyone I come across needing physical therapy.” ~J. Murrie

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