Sunday, December 14, 2014

Grace Walker Compassionate and Empowering Physical Therapist

An accomplished physical therapist, Grace Walker founded an Orange County, California-based physical therapy and pain center. In her role as director of the facility, she delivers a high standard of outpatient care to individuals impacted by conditions like TMJ, sports injuries, incontinence, and spinal pain. Before establishing her own therapy practice, Grace Walker gained hands-on experience in her field as physical therapist and department head with Cigna Health Plan in Westminster, California. In preparation for her career, she studied at the University of British Columbia School of Rehabilitation Medicine, from which she secured her bachelor of science. Later, she enrolled in an orthopedic residency program in Hayward, California. While there, she authored a thesis titled “An Exploratory Study of Patients with Low Back Pain to Determine Possible Precipitating Factors.” More recently, Dr. Walker studied at the Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions in Provo, Utah. She graduated with two doctorates and later completed a Post-doctoral Fellowship at the Gray Institute. Further, she holds certification as a Clinical Nutritionist and a Clinical Master of Herbology from the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy in Encinitas, California. Currently, she is working toward her certifications as naturopathic practitioner and nutritional chef at the same institute. A professionally engaged provider, she belongs as member to the American Back Society and the Pelvic Pain Society, among several other organizations.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

How to get Physical therapy before your insurance benefits run out! Grace Walker Physical Therapist reveals how!

Get Physical Therapy and Treatment before your insurance benefits renew!

For a vast majority of patients, insurance benefits renew at the beginning of the year. That is why it is important to get treatment before the first of the year when your deductible resets.
According to Grace Walker, Physical and Occupational Therapist, our revolutionary treatment programs are helping patients GET BETTER FASTER even if they have tried physical therapy, acupuncture, steroids, or chiropractics before!
Some of our programs include:
  1. Revolutionary 830laser
  2. Kinesiotaping (KTTAPE)
  3. Pressure-Point Release Therapy
  4. FLEX-N-MOVE Program
Most of our treatment programs focus on the ROOT CAUSE of the pain/problem and does NOT wear off like most medicines, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, heat or ice. It focuses on the body's own healing power and accelerates that process leading to long-lasting relief. Patients love it!
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