Thursday, July 16, 2015

Grace Walker Physical & Occupational Therapist and Nutritionist Suggests 5 Tips for Pregnancy and Low Back Pain

More and more women are having children after the age of 35. 

As a result, many women becoming pregnant are less physically active in their day to day lives. 

According to Grace Walker, PT, DPT, OTD, this decreased activity as well as the growing national prevalence of a sedentary lifestyle may contribute to an increase in back pain. Our team of physical therapy experts provide effective solutions for women with back pain during pregnancy.

Grace Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center’s Pregnancy and Lower Back Pain

Do’s & Don’ts:

  • DO use ice 10 minutes before bed.
  • DO pull your belly into your spine and breathe.
  • DON’T bend at the waist, squat instead.
  • DON’T twist while holding something in your arms.
  • DON’T sleep on your back.

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